Elko Nevada local Forklift Repair and Maintenance

Kolt Machinery offers mobile forklift repair and maintenance for all of Elko County Nevada offering over 30 years experience.
Starting issues: If your diesel, electric, LPG or other forklift has trouble starting, the technician is able to trace the issue so that your forklift can be back up and running and your business productive.
  • Lifting issues: We inspect and check for forklift mast issues and provide repairs including fixing forks that are stuck, making noises, moving too slow or operating too fast.
  • Steering issues: Forklifts may have steer issues, increased resistance or issues moving around that can cause problems when stacking. 
To limit your risks and avoid undergoing another emergency repair down the line, we will fully inspect the whole unit for any potential future problems.
  • Longer equipment life: Forklifts need preventative maintenance just like your vehicle. Taking care of the forklift with regular maintenance allows the unit to perform the services needed and it will last much longer. The forklift unit will also hold its value if you ever wish to trade the model in.
  • Simplified forklift care: Regularly scheduled forklift maintenance helps to prevent downtime with your unit. You can approve repairs at your convenience and we’ll handle the scheduling.
  • Lower operating costs: We’ll look for any damage, wear or warning signs to help you avoid any unexpected downtime during our preventative maintenance service.

Professional maintenance records are supplied to accompany your equipment. Records of maintenance and repair are required by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for inspection.

Contact us today to schedule your forklift maintenance or repair service in Elko County Nevada. Fill out the contact form below or call:
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